WASPaLM (World Association Of Societies Of Pathology And Laboratory Medicine)

WASPaLM is the World Association of societies of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine founded in Paris in September 1947 to improve health throughout the world by promoting the teaching and practice of all aspects of Pathology/Laboratory Medicine. The World Association has become increasingly active in international affairs, representing pathology at the World Health Organisation, serving on the Council of International Organisations in the Medical Sciences, and establishing relations with other international bodies. An important aspect of the work of the World Association has been the development of a number of Committees, each with a Constituent Pathology Society or College taking a particular responsibility on an international footing. These include the International Liaison Committee which represents WASPaLM societies to both ISO and the World Health Organization (USA, College of American Pathologists and Australia, Royal College of Pathologists); the Policy, Guidelines and Advocacy Committee; the Education Committee  which coordinates educational programs for developing countries (United Kingdom, Royal College of Pathologists); the Publication and Informatics Committee; and the Finance and Corporate Sponsors Committee (Japan, Japanese Society of Laboratory Medicine).

President                         Walter Alallon, Uruguay
President-Elect                Roberto Verna, Italy
Past-President                 Masami Murakami, Japan
Secretary-Treasurer       Mariano Bizzarri, Italy

Director – Latin America                                             Flavio Alcantara, Brazil
Director – North America                                           Alberto Zamora, Mexico
Director – Africa                                                            Tahir Pillay, South Africa
Director – South East Asia                                          Praveen Sharma, India
Director – Western Pacific                                          Chuanxin Wang, China
Regional Director – Europe                                        Augusto Machado - Portugal
Regional Director – Mediterranean Area               Ozkan Alatas, Turkey
Additional Director – Western Pacific                     Toshiyuki Yamada – Japan
Additional Director – Latin America                        Nairo Sumita, Brazil
Additional Director – Latin America                        Gabriela Morerira, Uruguay